Next up in MMC's Ocular Max Perfection Series is Saltus! Saltus is MP scaled and features die-cast chest, thigh and feet, rubber tires and more! 

Bot height: 9.25" (23.5 cm) tall in robot mode. 

Figure Includes: 
* Canopy can fit in a properly scaled mini figure, car's headlight can flip up 
* 2 heads: cartoon and original toy 
* 40+ points of articulation 
* working rotors and landing gears in alt mode 
* Rubber tire, Diecast chest, thigh, feet 
* Robot stands at 9.25"/23.5cm tall 

Revised Pricing reflects a cost increase on the second production run of Saltus

Ocular Max - Saltus

SKU: OM - PS-12
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