About Us


Eastcoastoys strives to provide the best sales transaction possible. Being a New York-based seller, we strive for same business day shipping on all sales. We all know the struggles of placing an order overseas and waiting for a tracking number plus waiting even more for your item to arrive.


The Story of Eastcoastoys

Eastcoastoys started with my love for G1 Transformers and all other great '80s & 90's toys. When I found MP scale figures, I became hooked, and The only downside was waiting for deliveries, whether overseas or even in the states. So I decided to make a change by offering fast shipping on all sales and still keep it at a competitive price as well. 
Its been one year we've been open, and things are going excellent. I'd like to continue to bring excellent prices and quick shipping for the latest releases.

Thank you all for your continued support and trust in ECT.